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Kilt Collection is offering men's utility kilts in different colors and all sizes with custom details. Buy your desired kilt in size you fit and length you want without any extra charges of customization. We are offering almost all colors utility kilts and if you have any abstract design share with us and we will manufacture it in our regular price.

Men's Kilt

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  1. Royal men kilt

    Royal Men are famous due to their stylish gold color putting the same concept in kilts we designed this royal man kilt with polished gold chains and all other material, Detachable chains give more groom and hanging gold chains for front stylish apron look.Detachable royal men kilt made with A grade cotton with polished brass material to avoid rust and other rashes over hardware. Removing kilt's pocket is very comfortable and for more groom hang both kilts at same side, making different style is very easy without Royal man kilt
  2. Attractive Royal men kilt

    Every man has royal inside and if you want to look really like a real royal man, this royal man utility casual detachable pocket kilt will give you full touch for royal look. Gold polished material used for having a complete royal look with original cotton blend heavy fabric which we select from various options. Royal polished material makes kilt very unique, to remove side pockets we have added hooks remove it and have a simple kilt look but for attaining a real royal look you must have your polished material pocket with your kilt

  3. Fashion leather kilt Fashion leather kilt

    Fashion Leather kilt

    Original leather kilt made in high fashion style with original cow hides for a complete Formal kilt look.You will love to wear a party kilt in original leather. Kilt is made in combination of traditional and fashion attributes to give a smooth look for both front and back.

    New feature of back pockets gives extension to carry mobile phone or other accessories while moving, Kilt's grip is very snug at waist .

    Regular Price: $250.00

    Special Price $190.00

  4. khaki utility kilt khaki utility kilt

    Khaki utility kilt

    Utility kilts are for regular use to all men either you are working, walking or formal use this khaki utility kilt is so comfortable and stylish to wear at any event.Heavy Poly-cotton material is utilized for a comfort fit, and finest look, the thick material is free from stains and wrinkle to handle it with easily. This khaki kilt has smooth surface if you rub your hand over its front. Side pockets are cargo and have extra space to carry your items with you.In case you want to wear a belt along with your kilt!! Using 2.5 inches belt is easy.

    Regular Price: $80.00

    Special Price $55.00

  5. Victory mens kilt

    This Victory Men's kilt to celebrate Victory at kilted events all around victory sign depicts a full sign of success complete formal and substantial material construction 16oz durable material to handle various jobs and activities.The pattern of the kilt is same of others, the different thing is front V design side pocket V design Back pocket flap V design, it all makes this kilt a victory kilt. Wear your kilt and walk in the long rally it will mesmerize others and make you different than others.

    Regular Price: $65.00

    Special Price $56.55

  6. Net Pocket Fashion Kilt

    Want to look more classy try Net Pocket high fashion kilt which is trend in kilted fashion industry, made with high attractive net style shade to look more visible and different than other kilt men or womens. Front and side net style is unique as compared to other hybrid or Fashion kilts in the market. Need more room for your hands or stuff in pockets? you are at right place because pockets are more roomy, have more space to put your stuff along you. Want to dance? Tie you waist and and fix your hip buckles to go ahead with dancing or running. Kilt looks more stylish along with long leather shoes, socks and a simple shirt wearing on.
  7. Scotland Flag utility Kilt

    Its pride to wear country flag over utility kilt, its a perfect combination of color as per flag and this kilt is originally made for real patriots too show their passion toward their nation, hang out with your national kilt.

  8. Fire Flame leather kilt Flamesss

    Fire Flames Original leather kilt made in high fashion style in original cowhide leather for a complete Formal kilt look.You will love to wear a party kilt in original Flame leather style. Kilt is made in combination of traditional and fashion attributes and have so comfortable to wear at parties and formal functions.

    we have added some new features like stylish fastening buckle and all around open pleated for comfort while walking and roaming around.

  9. Black and grey Two toned kilt

    A stylish combination of black and grey kilt fabric with stunning look for smart people, wear your two-toned kilt and make other people amaze to see you.This two-tone kilt will give you both necessary and fashion kilt features the contrast of fabric makes kilt more classy.When you need to look real kilted men with style, you must have this kilt in your collection for all the day wearing this fashion kilt is made of heavy duty fabric with shining grey fabric and detachable side pockets
  10. Cargo pocket kilt

    When you talk about style and comfort at the same, we suggest you Cargo pocket utility kilt made of Poly-Cotton. When you want to look decent, wear it because of its simple look and elegant closure. Its durability same as our all other collection of kilts. Want to go for a kilted party!! Use it for sure and let other people gossip about your beautiful look lots of compliments and appreciation. Need to carry stuff along with you! Don't worry kilt has side deep cargo pockets to carry your things like wallets, hang your keys with an extra hook at a side, long side pockets are covered with beautiful flop closed by the solid snap. Working in a kilt is easy as with back carrying point you can bring your hammer or screw or anything you want to not to lost during your tight schedule.

    Regular Price: $55.00

    Special Price $44.00

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Items 1 to 10 of 89 total

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